KDDF GLOBAL C&D Tech-Fair Highlights

TECH FAIR Highlights

  • 203Attendees
  • 6Showcase
  • 40Posters
  • 24Posters Assets
    Receive Further
  • 28Partnering
  • 4Signed MoU

After Comments

  • The venue and diversity of pipelines were excellent.”

  • “The showcase presentation was informative especially for an entrepreneur considering in-licensing seriously.”

  • “Showcase and poster presentation of diverse candidate asset information were excellent.”

  • “Business partnering meetings were well organized and operated.”

  • “Business partnering meetings were well organized and operated.”

  • “Narrowing down to 30 key assets out of more than 3000 assets was very helpful.”

  • “The research institutes presenting the showcase assets showed high level of research standard.”

  • “Introduction of international research institutes and their early assets were very informative.”

  • “Snacks provided and location of smoking area were excellent.”

  • “I could easily identify indications and development stage of candidate assets.”

  • “Satisfied with the effort to present various information to meeting participants.”

  • “Translator service and the tech-fair proceeding were excellent.”

  • “Future technology in-licensing opportunity from introduced international research institutes is promising.”

  • “Conference time and venue were excellent.”

  • “The presented assets were confirmed to have specificity, reproducibility and distinction.l”

  • “Helpful to provide contact information of European research institutes.”

  • “Could learn about European research environment.”

  • “Easy to follow the presentations because just one representative from one institute intoduced that institute's assets.”

  • “Liked Homepage and Tech-Fair information. Asset information was easily delivered.”

  • “Helpful for ntroducing partnering-ready research institutes.”

  • “Safety and validation data were satisfactory.”

  • “Translation and reception desk service were excellent.”

  • “Professionally courteous staff”

  • “Provided early stage asset information from not well-known research institues.”

  • “Poster session was helpful for providing important technology and asset information”

  • “Prior asset NCI disclosure was helpful for pre-review process.”

  • “Many early-stage First-in-Target assets are suitable for in-licensing consideration.”

  • “Diverse early stage assets and in-depth discussion in partnering meeting.”

  • “Global C&D Projects make progress annually and well-organized.”

  • “Presentation session and partnering session were going side by side. The abstract presentation of assets were focused to important target.”

  • “Thankful for providing various business modeling in drug development.”